What is Glaze Mixer?

Glaze Mixer Can Mix Your Ceramic Glaze Recipes!

You can save your glaze recipes online and retrieve them anywhere that you have access to the internet.

When you save a recipe, it becomes part of your personal glaze recipe list.  From this list, you can select glazes that you want.  Glaze Mixer will mix them for you and ship them to your door!

Glaze Mixer gives you the freedom to use hundreds of raw materials in your glaze recipes.  You are no longer limited by the ingredients that you stock and you no longer have to buy expensive materials that you rarely use. 

Glaze Mixer also helps you avoid the messes and dangers of mixing your own ceramic glaze recipes. 


The Community Section Allows Potters to Share Their Ceramic Glaze Recipes

If you choose, you can include your glaze in the Community section.  You are given the option to include your glaze recipe in the Community when you first enter your recipe and whenever you update your recipe.  If you do include your glaze recipe in the Community, only the glaze name and description are shown.  The actual recipe is not revealed.  Other potters are allowed to purchase your glaze without knowing the actual recipe. 

Every time your glaze recipe sells in the Community section, you receive 10% of the price cash back. 

The Community section is a great way for ceramic artists to share their glaze recipes.  The list currently contains many high-fire glaze recipes, low-fire glaze recipes, raku glaze recipes and mid-range cone 6 glaze recipes.  New recipes are added every day!


The Products Section Gives You Access to Unique Products That Are Used and Approved by Glaze Mixer

The Products section includes glaze sieves, gloves, respirators, safety equipment and many other items.  All of these products are offered to help you with glaze mixing.  We actually use and recommend all of the products we sell!


HTML Glaze Recipe Links

If you have a website that contains ceramic glaze recipes, you can get HTML links directly to your community glaze on Glaze Mixer.  This will allow your users to easily purchase your glazes.


How to Get Started

  Step 1.First, Create a User Account.
   A User Account is required to keep your glaze recipes separate from all the others. Remember, GLAZEMIXER WILL NEVER SHARE YOUR RECIPES WITH ANYONE.
  Step 2.Add recipes to your Recipe List.
   You create your own glaze recipe store by adding your own recipes.
  Step 3.Buy the glazes you want.
   Browse through the list of glaze recipes that you have created. When you are ready, select the ones you want and we will mix them for you!



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