Glaze Mixer Raw Materials

Here is the current list of raw materials that are used in ceramic glaze recipes.

If we are missing an ingredient that you need for one of your recipes, PLEASE LET US KNOW! We are determined to provide every ingredient that you need!

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Material Name
#6 Tile Kaolin
15-15 Vicron
20 Mulcoa Grog
200 Mulcoa
20x50 Mulcoa Grog
45-30 Vicron
48 Mulcoa Grog
6 Tile Kaolin
Ajax P Kaolin
Albany Slip Substitute
Alberta Slip Clay
Alumina Hydrate
Alumina Oxide
Analine Dye Brown
Antimony Oxide
Arroyo Slip
Ball Clay (OM-4)
Barium Carbonate
Barium Carbonate (Chinese)
Barium Carbonate (German)
Barnard Clay Substitute (SG758)
Bentolite L-10
Bentonite (325 Mesh)
Bentonite (HPM-20)
Bentonite (Ibex 200)
Black - 12525 Dye
Black Charm (Ball Clay)
Black Copper Oxide
Black Iron Oxide
Black Nickel Oxide
Blackbird Clay
Blue 2-B Methline Dye
Bone Ash
Borax (Granular)
Bordeaux Red - Degussa Inclusion Stain
Boric Acid (Granular)
Brilliant Orange - Degussa Inclusion Stain
Brown Iron Oxide
Brushing Medium
Burnt Umber
C&C (Ball Clay)
C-1 Clay Substitute (S3206D)
Calcined Kaolin
Calcium Carbonate
Calcium Nitrate
Cerdec-Degussa Bordeaux Red Stain
Cerdec-Degussa Brilliant Orange Stain
Cerdec-Degussa Intense Red Stain
Cerdec-Degussa Yellow Stain
China Clay
Chrome Oxide
CMC Powder
Cobalt Carbonate
Cobalt Oxide
Cobalt Sulfate
Copper Carbonate
Copper Oxide Black
Copper Oxide Red
Cornwall Stone
Crocus Martis - Red
Crocus Martis - Yellow
Custer Feldspar
Dresden (Ball Clay)
Edgar Plastic Kaolin
EPK Kaolin
Epsom Salt
Erbium Oxide
F4 Feldspar
FC-1 Filler Clay
Ferro Frit 3110
Ferro Frit 3124
Ferro Frit 3134
Ferro Frit 3195
Ferro Frit 3225
Ferro Frit 3249
Ferro Frit 3269
Ferro Frit 3270
Ferro Frit 3278
Ferro Frit 3292
Ferro Frit 3336
Ferro Frit 3403
Ferro Frit 3403 - Lead
Ferro Frit 3470
Ferro Frit 3482
Ferro Frit 3565
Ferro Frit 3819 (only 8 lbs in stock)
Ferro Frit 3846
Ferro Frit 5301
Ferro Frit CC-250
Ferro Frit CC-257
Ferro Frit CC-263
Ferro Frit CC-265
Ferro Frit CC-270
Ferro Frit CC-274
Ferro Frit CC-279
Ferro Frit CC-942
Ferro Frit CC-943
Ferro Frit CL-418
Ferro Frit CM-940
Ferro Frit CM-941
Ferro Frit FA-233
Ferro Frit FB-268-D
Ferro Frit FB-276-P
Ferro Frit FB-284-M
Ferro Frit TR-1132
Fluorspar Fine
Fluorspar Superfine
Foundry Hill Cream (Ball Clay)
Fusion Frit F-38
Fusion Frit F-493
Fusion Frit F-69
G-200 Feldspar (GlazeMixer Blended)
Gerstley Borate
Gillespie Borate
Glomax LL (Calcined) Kaolin
Gold Art Fireclay
Granular Ilmenite
Green Chrome Oxide
Green Nickel Carbonate
Greenstripe Fireclay
Grolleg Kaolin
Gum Arabic
Hawthorn Bond 40M Fireclay
Helmer Kaolin
HPM-20 (Air Purified)
Ilmenite (Granular)
Ilmenite (Powdered)
IMCO-400 Fireclay
IMCO-800 Fireclay
Intense Red - Degussa Inclusion Stain
Iron Chromate
Iron Oxide (Black)
Iron Oxide (Red)
Iron Oxide (Yellow)
Kaolex D-6
Kaopaque 20
Kentucky Special (Ball Clay)
Kentucky Stone (Ball Clay)
Kingsley Kaolin
Kona F4 Feldspar
Kyanite 100 Mesh
Kyanite 200 Mesh
Kyanite 35 Mesh
Kyanite 48 Mesh
Laguna Borate
Lead Bi-Silicate - Ceraflux
Lead Monosilicate
Lead Oxide Red
Lincoln 60 Fireclay
Litharge 100Y
Lithium Carbonate
Lithium Fluoride
Maganese Carbonate
Magnesium Carbonate
Magnesium Oxide
Magnesium Sulfate
Magnetite (Granular)
Manganese Carbonate
Manganese Dioxide
Manganese Dioxide (Granular - 60 to 80 Mesh)
Marblewhite 16-40
Marblewhite 30
Marblewhite 80
Mason Stain # 6000 Shell Pink
Mason Stain # 6001 Alpine Rose
Mason Stain # 6002 Rose Pink
Mason Stain # 6003 Crimson
Mason Stain # 6006 Deep Crimson
Mason Stain # 6007 Peach
Mason Stain # 6009 Coral
Mason Stain # 6020 Pink
Mason Stain # 6022 Shrimp Pink
Mason Stain # 6023 Clover Pink
Mason Stain # 6024 Orange
Mason Stain # 6025 Coral Red
Mason Stain # 6026 Lobster
Mason Stain # 6027 Tangerine
Mason Stain # 6029 Persimmon
Mason Stain # 6033 Sunset
Mason Stain # 6090 Coral
Mason Stain # 6098 Flesh
Mason Stain # 6100 Woodland Brown
Mason Stain # 6101 Chestnut Drk Brn
Mason Stain # 6104 Fawn
Mason Stain # 6107 Drk Golden Brown
Mason Stain # 6108 Walnut
Mason Stain # 6121 Saturn Orange
Mason Stain # 6124 Chocolate Brown
Mason Stain # 6126 Hazelnut Brown
Mason Stain # 6129 Golden Ambrosia
Mason Stain # 6134 Red Brown
Mason Stain # 6153 Seal Brown
Mason Stain # 6201 Celadon
Mason Stain # 6202 Florentine Green
Mason Stain # 6204 Victoria Green
Mason Stain # 6206 Grass Green
Mason Stain # 6211 Pea Green
Mason Stain # 6219 French Blue
Mason Stain # 6223 Ivy Green
Mason Stain # 6226 Dark Leaf
Mason Stain # 6236 Chartreuse
Mason Stain # 6242 Bermuda Blue Grn
Mason Stain # 6265 Leaf Green
Mason Stain # 6266 Peacock
Mason Stain # 6280 Avocado Green
Mason Stain # 6288 Turquoise
Mason Stain # 6300 Mazerine
Mason Stain # 6302 Cadet
Mason Stain # 6303 Deep Orchid
Mason Stain # 6304 Violet
Mason Stain # 6305 Teal
Mason Stain # 6308 Delphinium
Mason Stain # 6319 Lavender
Mason Stain # 6332 Orchid
Mason Stain # 6333 Lavender
Mason Stain # 6363 Sky Blue
Mason Stain # 6364 Turquoise
Mason Stain # 6371 Dark Teal
Mason Stain # 6373 Turquoise
Mason Stain # 6378 Zir. Vanadium Blue
Mason Stain # 6381 Blackberry Wine
Mason Stain # 6385 Pansy Purple
Mason Stain # 6391 Zir. Van. Turquoise
Mason Stain # 6396 Peacock
Mason Stain # 6404 Vanadium
Mason Stain # 6440 Vanadium
Mason Stain # 6450 Praseodymium
Mason Stain # 6464 Zirconium
Mason Stain # 6471 Old Gold
Mason Stain # 6485 Titanium
Mason Stain # 6500 Sage Gray
Mason Stain # 6503 Taupe Gray
Mason Stain # 6506 Pearl Grey
Mason Stain # 6530 Silver Grey
Mason Stain # 6537 Mouse Grey
Mason Stain # 6540 Blue Grey
Mason Stain # 6572 Natural Grey
Mason Stain # 6591 Gun Metal
Mason Stain # 6600 - Black
Mason Stain # 6616 Black, Cr Free
Mason Stain # 6650 Black, Co Free
Mason Stain # 6657 Black
Mason Stain # 6700 White
McNamee Kaolin
Methyl Violet 125% Dye
Mica 325
Mullite 100 Mesh
Mullite 200 Mesh
Mullite 35 Mesh
Mullite 48 Mesh
NC4 Feldspar (Soda)
Neodymium Oxide
Nepheline Syenite
Nepheline Syenite (A-400)
Newman Red Substitute
Nickel Carbonate (Green)
Nickel Oxide (Black)
Old Hickory #5 (Ball Clay)
OM-4 (Ball Clay)
P.V. Clay
Pemco Frit P-25
Pemco Frit P-311
Pemco Frit P-54
Pemco Frit P-626
Pemco Frit P-926
Plastic Vitrox
Potash Feldspar
Potassium Bi-Chromate
Potassium Carbonate
Praseodymium Oxide
Primas P Feldspar
Raw Sienna
Red Art Clay
Red Brick Grog
Red Copper Oxide
Red Iron Oxide
Red Phodamina B Dye
Red Spanish Iron Oxide
Sand 16 Mesh
Sand 30 Mesh
Sand 60 Mesh
Silica (IMSIL A-25)
Silica 100 Mesh
Silica 200 Mesh
Silica 325 Mesh
Silicon Carbide 320
Silver Nitrate
Snocal 707
Soda Ash
Soda Feldspar
Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium Nitrate
Sodium Sulfate
Strontium Carbonate
Tenn #1 (SPG #1) (Ball Clay)
Tennessee #5 Ball Clay
Tin Oxide
Titanium Dioxide
Tri-Calcium Phosphate
Tri-Sodium Phosphate
Vanadium Pentoxide
Vee Gum T
Volcanic Ash
Wood Ash
XX Sagger (Ball Clay)
Yellow - Degussa Inclusion Stain
Yellow Dye
Yellow Iron Oxide
Yellow Ochre
Zinc Oxide
Zinc Oxide (Calcined)
Zircopax Plus