Glaze Recipe Sample Tile Test Tile Clear Cone 10 High-Fire
Added By: TROY21
12/21/2006 10:54:59 PM
apply one thin coat
Cone: 10
This glaze is lead free.
This glaze is barium free.

Dry Amount:

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Glaze Name:Clear
Description:apply one thin coat
Special Instructions:
Cornwall Stone:72.70 Grams
Whiting:18.30 Grams
Gerstley Borate:3.00 Grams
Zinc Oxide:3.00 Grams
Bentonite:3.00 Grams
Red Iron Oxide:1.00 Grams
Total:101.00 Grams

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Clear is a High-Fire Ceramic Glaze Recipe.

What is a High-Fire Glaze?
High-fire ceramic glaze recipes are typically fired in the range of Cone 8 to Cone 11 (2280 degrees Fahrenheit to 2361 degrees Fahrenheit). High-fire glaze recipes are sometimes referred to as Cone 10 glaze recipes or feldspatic glaze recipes. High-fire glazes are sometimes called feldspatic glaze recipes because feldspar is usually the primary flux or melting agent. High-fire glazes in general are very hard and durable and have softer muted colors.

For the most part, high-fire ceramic glaze recipes are created to be used in a pottery studio setting. Historically, the pottery studio has contained a high-fire gas kiln. These types of gas kilns have dampers and blowers that can control the amount of oxygen entering the kiln. At certain points in the firing, the oxygen can be limited, creating an oxygen starved or reduction atmosphere. High-fire glaze recipes are often fired in this oxygen reduced atmosphere.

Clear is a cone 10 glaze. What is cone 10?

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