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Randy's Red
2/4/2007 9:50:20 AM
Randy's Red is a well known mid-range iron red. The tile shows a single and double dip of very thick glaze. When mixed to the consistency of heavy cream, applied thickly on an iron bearing clay body and slow cooled, the glaze is a gorgeous variegated red breaking black on sharp edges and high points. This glaze brushes on well; for best results apply a minimum of 3 coats. It also works well poured or dipped.
Cone: 6
This glaze is lead free.
This glaze is barium free.

Dry Amount:

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Comment By: SANDERSON32
10/20/2008 4:18:42 PM

Same here.....

Disappointing - tried it on several clay bodies (from white to iron-heavy black clay), but only ugly brown was result
Comment By: lkaaber
2/25/2008 10:13:35 AM

Not so good

Tried 3 times at cone 6 and each time it came out an ugly brown not red at all.

Randy's Red is a Mid-Range Ceramic Glaze Recipe.

What is a Mid-Range Cone 6 Glaze?
A mid-range glaze is usually fired in a range from Cone 4 to Cone 7 (2124 degrees Fahrenheit to 2262 degrees Fahrenheit). A Cone 6 glaze is a mid-range glaze that should be fired to Cone 6. Mid-range glaze are normally created to be fired in an electric kiln. Mid-range glazes often mimic effects achieved in high-fire gas kilns. Although Cone 6 glazes are fired at temperatures lower than high-fire glazes, the melting points are still considered to be high. As a result, the glazes are much more durable than low-fire glazes. Often, high-fire glazes can be adjusted to have their melting points lowered to mid-range temperatures. As energy costs rise, mid-range Cone 6 glazes become more popular. It is very expensive to push a kiln from Cone 6 to Cone 10. So, if the desired effects can be achieved at Cone 6, costs can be cut for the potter.

Randy's Red is a cone 6 glaze. What is cone 6?

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