Glaze Recipe Sample Tile Test Tile Glaze 26 Cone 06 Low-Fire
Glaze 26
3/25/2009 1:10:25 PM
Bright Turqouise Glossy Glaze
Cone: 06
This glaze is lead free.
This glaze is barium free.

Dry Amount:

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Glaze 26 is a Low-Fire Ceramic Glaze Recipe.

What is a Low-Fire Glaze?
Low fire glazes are usually fired in the range of Cone 06 to Cone 04 (1828 degrees Fahrenheit to 1945 degrees Fahrenheit). Because of their low firing temperature, low-fire glazes are able to hold much brighter colors than high-fire glazes. They also have a wide range of finishes including glossy, matte and specialty surfaces like crackle and crystal. The low firing temperature of low-fire glazes has a down side. Low-fire glazes are much less durable that higher fired glazes and it is difficult to have a low-fire glaze that is safe for food.

Low-fire glaze recipes are usually developed for use in electric kilns. Electric kilns are much easier to control that gas kilns and they provide a much more even source of heat. This allows potters to control low-fire glazes much better than high-fire glazes.

Electric kilns normally do not have dampers to control the oxygen levels inside. There is usually a constant stream of oxygen being pulled into the kiln. As a result, when pieces are fired in electric kilns they are often referenced as being fired in an oxidized atmosphere.

Glaze 26 is a cone 06 glaze. What is cone 06?

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